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What is Le Jardin de Julie?

Le Jardin de Julie is my passion project and pledge to protect the environment and our wonderful biodiversity.

I have been campaigning for the preservation of our seed heritage since 2009. I'm a firm believer that this mission is essential for ensuring our food security and protecting our biodiversity.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked for many years in the environment sector, at the forefront of our mass production of solid, gaseous and liquid waste… I know how badly our planet is burning. We all are incredibly indebted to our planet, and I am of the generation that must act now no matter what we do or where we work.

This is how I ended up creating the Soap & Co side of Le Jardin de Julie a decade ago.

I've always been passionate about plants and their properties, my creative side just needed some nurturing. Guided and inspired by region's natural environment, I started making all-natural products that honour nature and that are as environmentally friendly as possible, right through the product's life cycle - from production, to consumption, to disposal.

I am proud to contribute to the preservation of our vegetable biodiversity by saving cultivars at risk of extinction. But that alone is not enough to protect our shared future. That's why in our soap-making studio we are vigilant about our environmental and human impact. And we are always asking ourselves, "how can we minimize our carbon footprint?"

I am convinced that all actions in life (no matter how big or small) must be based on respecting nature and our well-being, and this simple but very effective principle is how I run Le Jardin de Julie.

At Le Jardin de Julie, we don't compromise on our environmental and ethical commitment. We are certainly not perfect, but we are getting better every day. That's my passion and my guarantee to you, myself and our planet.

We also know that to help "grow" a better world, we first need healthy soil, full of caring and respect towards nature and humankind.

Here at Le Jardin de Julie, we take care of our garden by having fun in and out of work, because we know that when we take care of ourselves, we give the best of ourselves. And when we're at our best, we can make the best decisions for our mission and our corporate values.

Rest assured, every product you select here was created with the greatest care in terms of quality and in order to limit its environmental impact, not to mention when we create a product. we're thinking of your health and well-being, as well as the well-being of the human race.

We're all in the same boat and together we can turn the tide ♥

Julie Ross,

Pilot, Seed Farmer, Soap Maker, Le Jardin de Julie

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