Le Jardin de Julie is a seed company located in the Lower-Saint-Lawrence region of Quebec on the banks of the famous St. Lawrence River.

When we created this seed company back in 2009, we took a pledge to respect the environment and conserve our biodiversity. That is why the growing methods we use don't harm the environment, for example, we only use natural fertilizers and don't use any synthetic products (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides).

As an environmentally conscious gardener and an environmentally aware consumer, you can choose your seeds, garden and enjoy the products of your labour with complete peace of mind.

The cultivars we offer are above all else tasty, fun to grow and utilize, and carefully selected to encourage high yields in our climate where the growth period is short and cool. Our seeds are perfectly adapted to the northern climate of Quebec.

For more than 10 years now, our research and selection work has been directed at safeguarding remarkable cultivars for their history, rarity and character. This is how we actively contribute to maintaining our vegetable diversity and conserving our seed heritage.

When you visit our online store, you'll find a wide variety of plant treasures to fall in love with! You'll be coming back year after year for more.

Our Seeds

The vast majority of our seeds (70% of our supply for 2022) are produced here in Le Bic and Rimouski. To complete our diverse range of seeds, some varieties - often those that are more difficult to produce because of climate, size of growing area or equipment required - come from other crops grown according to the same principles we follow. All the seeds we supply are untreated and most are certified organic.

We test germination rates for all our seeds annually. 

All seeds available on the Jardin de Julie website are from open-pollinated cultivars (not hybrids), and are not genetically modified. Le Jardin de Julie proudly signed the pledge for safe non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds (the Council for Responsible Genetics's Safe Seeds Pledge).

As a seed supplier, we are always proud to encourage organic farming and happy to complete your non-GMO/non-treated seed affidavit.

Our seeds are sold in small paper envelopes with a label containing all the information you need to sow and care for the plants. Growing instructions are based on hardiness zones 3b through 4.

We harvest, sort, store and prepare our seeds with the greatest care. Everything is done manually. Some flower or plant debris may remain in the seed packets of some varieties. Be aware that this debris has no influence on the quality of the seeds or on the number of seeds per bag and in no way harms germination.

Terms of sale and shipping information can be found here.

Boutique & Gardens

Call in and see us at our Studio Boutique in Le Bic (138 rue Sainte-Cécile-du-Bic) or place your order online and get it shipped to your home address.

We are a very small team and we grow in several locations so do not have the time or space to open our gardens to the public, sorry!