Did you Say "Beer Soap"?

That's right, we said "beer soap." There are enough local craft breweries in the Lower St. Lawrence and Gaspésie regions for you to be familiar with the concept of "beer" ;-) but you're probably more familiar with drinking it than as an ingredient in soap. 

Truth is, it's a really valuable ingredient for soap-making. It adds a dimension of softness and smoothness that leaves your skin feeling super soft, fresh and hydrated. When integrated in a soap, beer makes it even foamier and creamy, which is exactly why we use it in our shaving soap - so that your razor blade can glide smoothly across the skin without dragging or catching, leaving you with a close, smooth shave. 


beer shaving soap

Beer is rich in mineral salts, so including beer in soap means that our soaps are also rich in mineral salts! 

Indeed, beer contains, potassium and vitamin B and therefore has great moisturizing properties. It is also very rich in antioxidants - contained in hops and malt - which will soothe razor-irritated skin. It also contains a lot of proteins and sugars, which help create a fantastic foam, making it a perfect shaving soap.  

Don't worry, this guilt-free beer comes without a hangover! In fact, the eucalyptus and mint fragrance will leave you feeling refreshed, in addition to soothing your skin. Enjoy without moderation!

Julie Ross

Founder of Le Jardin de Julie

Le Bic, Quebec

beer shaving soap