Sowing and Planting Calendar

Le Jardin de Julie has created this sowing and planting calendar to help you plan and plant out your garden. It's based on Julie's own observations and tests for best results in the Lower St. Lawrence region. 

If you live in a warmer region (i.e. Quebec City or Montreal, or in zone 5), you can sow and plant out 1-3 weeks earlier than mentioned in the calendar. If you live in a colder region (i.e. Sept-Îles or zone 3), sow indoors on the same dates, but plant out at least one week later.

Every spring is different, and this calendar should only be used as a guide. You also need to be aware of nighttime temperatures, soil conditions, and the weather in general. Remember, it's always better to sow later than to sow when it's still too cold or wet.


Download/print the sowing and planting calendar.

Please note, this resource is only available in French.

Happy sowing!



Founder, Le Jardin de Julie