Is Using Fairtrade or Organic Palm Oil Really a Good Idea?

Palm oil is a handy ingredient in soapmaking, it's full of benefits and makes creating a stable and balanced soap easier than creating a palm oil-free recipes. So, in recent years, some soap factories have turned to fairtrade and organic palm oils. It looks better, and it is better... but forests and habitats are still being devasted. 

A 2011 WWF report claimed that "In the next decade, 60% of the increase of palm oil production around the world will come from Indonesia, threatening 4 mha of forest."

After researching many brands, including "Palm Done Right", I was unable to find any information about their actions, how they fairly treat people (apart from a few smiling photos) and why their growing methods are better for the environment. 

I can't find any pro certified fairtrade or organic soap factories or companies that are providing information about the topic. I've written to people for information... I'm still waiting for answers. I've been looking for a documentary, a video, research about the subject, but I can't find anything to answer my questions. 


The WWF report also talks about the economic benefits for producing countries.. but what about our planet and biodiversity?

Yes, all oils have an impact. When you think about it, even just washing with lukewarm water and no soap has an impact. But the palm oil industry's impact is unprecedented.

At Le Jardin de Julie, all of our soaps and products are made without palm oil and always will be. As far as we're concerned, our biodiversity and forests (our planet's lungs) are our greatest wealth and we shouldn't take them for granted.