Soap & Co


Do you have a store open to the public?

Yes! Our Studio-Boutique in Le Bic is open to the public. Please check our opening hours on Google before visiting. We are closed during the holiday period and on public holidays.

Can I pick up an order on site?

If you want to pick-up your order at the Studio-Boutique in Le Bic, select “pick-up” when paying.
We will send you pick-up instructions and the address when your order is ready. Keep an eye on your inbox (and your junk mail!)

Can I return a product?

Given the nature of our products, we do not accept returns. All sales are final. If you have a particular problem with a product, please use our form to get in touch.


When is the best time to order seeds?

Many of our seeds are available year-round on the online store. We update our online store in January, so February is the ideal time to place an order and make sure you’re not missing anything new.

Are there any risks of my seeds freezing at the post office or in my mailbox?

Well-dried seeds can tolerate frost. The thing that can damage seeds is freezing and thawing several successive times and temperature variations over a long period. In winter, your seeds can easily wait a few days in your mailbox or post office box without damaging their viability.

Can I reserve seeds in advance?

Unfortunately, you cannot reserve seeds in advance. However, we announce new additions on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so follow us to be the first to know.

Can you give me advice about my vegetable garden, my greenhouse or my seedlings?

We do not offer gardening personalized advice, but you can find a lot of information on various Facebook groups, our blog (in French only) and our sowing calendar.

Are your seeds hybrids or genetically modified?

All seeds available on the Jardin de Julie website are from open-pollinated cultivars (not hybrids), and are not genetically modified. Le Jardin de Julie proudly signed the pledge for safe non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds (the Council for Responsible Genetics's Safe Seeds Pledge). Learn more.

Are your seeds organic?

The vast majority of our seeds are produced here in Le Bic and Rimouski. To complete our diverse range of seeds, some varieties - often those that are more difficult to produce because of climate, size of growing area or equipment required - come from other crops grown according to the same principles we follow. All the seeds we supply are untreated and most are certified organic.

All our seeds are untreated, non-hybrid and non-genetically modified.

As a seed supplier, we are always proud to encourage organic farming and happy to complete your non-GMO/non-treated seed affidavit.

Soap & Co

Where can I find your soap products?

You can find our soap products at our retailers across Quebec.

We recommend calling before visiting a store if you are looking for a particular product.

Why is the list of ingredients not written in English?

Health Canada

All our soap and cosmetic products are reported to Health Canada and have a cosmetic number.

Ingredients List

All conventional or artisanal cosmetics sold in Canada are subject to Health Canada's cosmetic labeling requirements prescribed by the Cosmetic Regulations under the Food and Drugs Act RSC, 1985, c. F-27.

The list of ingredients is labeled on our products following the International  Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) system as required by the Regulations mentioned above. This method of listing ingredients is mandatory for all cosmetic manufacturers in Canada.

INCI is used worldwide as a universal , multinational and multilingual language so that the names of the ingredients are universally recognized , making it possible to avoid confusion of various trade names (even improvised or inadequate ones).

Considering that this universal list is standardized and is legally mandatory, the size of our products does not allow us to add a second list in French and even less a third list in English.

However, you can consult the list of ingredients in English under the 'ingredients' tab of each of our products on our online store.

Can’t find ingredients listed in the same way on other cosmetic products? The product does not comply with Health Canada regulatory requirements and may not be declared.

Can I test soap samples?

You can test our soaps by purchasing the discovery bundle.

How long do soaps keep?

To make the most of their benefits and fragrance, we recommend using soap within a year of purchase.

What is your manufacturing process?

All our soaps are made using the traditional cold saponification method.

Are all your soaps natural & vegan?

All our soaps are vegan, and are made without animal products (milk, beeswax, animal fats, etc.)

Our soaps are also all formulated without palm oil or any artificial/synthetic or natural colouring (micas/color oxides).

We color our soaps with additives that we are ethically and environmentally comfortable with, such as clays and botanicals.

Our soaps are either unscented (without added fragrance or essential oils) or scented with essential oils. We also manufacture a very small range of three soaps with fragrances that are impossible to achieve in cold saponification with essential oils, such as our floral soaps with Rose and Sweet Pea. This small range is scented with phthalate-free fragrances.