Take Care of the Smallest Hands

We've decided to write this article about taking care of children's hands after one of you wrote to us.

Winter, frequent handwashing and using hand sanitizer gels are hard on your children's sensitive skin. So hard, in fact, that many parents have noticed just how dry their little one's hands have been!

So, we've come up with a hand care routine to help soothe the smallest hands and relieve any dryness. 

First off, we wash our hands with a mild, unscented, cold-saponified soap when at home - our Tout Doux and Carrot soaps are ideal!

After washing, add a couple of drops of calendula oil to the hands and wrists to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin. Our small bottles are perfect for school backpacks. Or rub in some natural calendula balm, which is so much more versatile than simply being a diaper balm! Super hydrating, it soothes skin and stubborn dry patches. We love to use this before bed and first thing in the morning to deeply nourish skin. 

All natural, you can follow this hand care routine every day without concern, and your kiddos hands will be lovely and soft. Take it one step further and avoid all products with perfumes, fragrances and petroleum jelly (which can be drying). You should also take care choosing your hand sanitizer gel. Opt for one without benzalkonium chloride (an irritant), triclosan, methylisothiazolinone (causes redness, eczema, cracking, blisters) and dyes as it will be more gentle for sensitive skin. The one we stock is unscented and contains no essential oils, making it a great choice for the smallest hands.

This routine is not a miracle solution, but by taking little steps like these daily we can make a difference and help soothe our children's sensitive skin. 


We wish you all happy holidays, a little different, but very restful and healthy! ♥