Winter Giant Spinach - Seeds

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Latin name: Spinacia oleracea

Winter Giant is a popular and productive variety. As its name suggests, it grows well in cool temperatures. The leaves are dark green in color, tender and crinkled, with a rich flavour. Very cold-resistant and slow to bolt, which makes it a good variety to choose for sowing in the garden as well as for winter greenhouses.

±350 seeds

Sowing: Early in the spring as soon as the ground can be worked (a second sowing can be done in the fall for a harvest at the end of the season)

Seed depth: 1 cm

Germination time: 10-20 days

Soil: Adapts to all types of soil, keep moist until germination

Location: Sun (where you did not grow cabbage the previous year)

Distance between plants: 5 to 8 cm

Distance between rows: 30 to 50 cm

Maturity: 50 days

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