Waltham Butternut Squash - Seeds


Latin name: Curcubita mochata

The 'Waltham Butternut' is a cultivar of butternut squash native to Waltham, Massachusetts.

The gold standard of butternut squash, its flesh is orange-yellow, fine, buttery and tender. Delicious raw, grated, or cooked: in velouté, soufflé, roasted, gratin, mash, pies and jams.

15-20 seeds

Sowing: Sow indoors a few weeks (2-4 weeks) before transplanting for earlier production or sow direct as soon as the ground has warmed up

Seed depth: 2.5 cm

Germination time: 5 to 12 days at 26 - 32°C

Soil: Rich. Squash are compost and water-intensive plants.

Location: Sun

Distance between plants: 90 cm

Distance between rows: 120 cm

Height at maturity: 20 to 30 cm


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