Grundy-Perfect Arrow Pea - Seeds

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Latin name: Pisum Sativum

The Grundy-Perfect Arrow Pea is a mid-season podding pea. It's a very productive, delicious and sweet variety. These long pods contain 9-10 peas each! Well adapted to cool climates and hotter summers. Naturally tolerant to several fungal diseases. Excellent for eating fresh, frozen or canned.

You can sow a row every week for 2 to 3 weeks to extend the harvest period. Climb on a trellis to facilitate harvesting.

±60 seeds

Sow: As soon as the ground can be worked

Seed depth: 3 to 5 cm

Germination time: 6-10 days

Soil: Poor, humus, loose and drained

Location: Sun

Distance between plants: 5 cm

Distance between rows: 40 to 60 cm

Height at maturity: 60 to 100 cm

Maturity: 65 days

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Caroline Lepage

J'ai hâte de les essayer!

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