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Laurentian Rutabaga - Seeds


Latin name: Brassica rapa

This traditional Laurentian Rutabaga is now almost a century old. In addition, once harvested, it has an excellent storage capacity. Yellow flesh and purple collar. It likes cool climates, can withstand temperatures down to -10 °c and so can be harvested very late in the fall. It is an undemanding vegetable to grow.

Thin as the roots grow.

±130 seeds

Sow: Late spring when the risk of frost has passed

Seed depth: 5 m m

Germination time: 5-10 days

Soil: Airy, rich

Location: Sun

Distance between plants: 5 cm

Distance between rows: 30 cm

Maturity: 55 days

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Lisette Charette

Je ne peux vous donnez un avis car le produit n’a pas encore été cultivé , trop tôt , mais par contre juste de bon mot pour votre site

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