Beurre de Rocquencourt Bean - Seeds


Latin name: Phaseolus vulgaris

The 'Beurre de Rocquencourt is an endangered variety of bean. This perfect wax bean was named for the town of Rocquencourt, France, which was known for its fine vegetables. The 'Beurre de Rocquencourt' is a French heirloom cultivar that became a recognized commercial variety in the 1930s, due to its multipurpose qualities (fresh, canned or dried) and the fact that it is also incredibly productive. This variety produces beans as long as you keep picking them! 

Dried beans make a great soup or refried beans (unusual for a wax bean). The long, slender stringless pods produce tender black beans with a buttery flavour that lives up to its name! Produces purple blooms.

±45 seeds

Sowing: As soon as the ground has warmed up and after the risk of frost

Seed depth: 5 cm

Germination time: 8-12 days

Soil: Light, humus, loose and drained

Location: Sun

Distance between plants: 5 cm

Distance between rows: 50 cm

Height at maturity: 40 to 80 cm

Maturity: 50-55 days

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