5 Tips for a Zero-Waste Kitchen and Lifestyle

We're constantly questioning our consumer choices and the impact they have on our health and planet. Sometimes all you have to do is change the shape, material or container for a product to become environmentally friendly... and effective.

These are my five tips to help you on your journey to a zero-waste kitchen and lifestyle.


    1. Use a Dish Block

      solid dish soap block dishes solid dish soap wash biodegradable ecological local without phosphate without container quebec

      This is a must-have in my house - yes, I use it for doing the dishes, but also for cleaning surfaces. If you've been putting coffee grounds down your sink and some have ended up on the side of the sink, just pass a damp sponge or cloth with a little of the dish block on it and - hey presto! You've got a clean sink. You can also use it as a stain remover for clothing or for cleaning glass shower doors and ceramic tiles. It's so versatile you can practically empty out your cleaning products for this one thing!


        2. Solid Dish Soap

          cake dishes Quebec ecological solid dish soap wash dishes by hand le jardin de julie online store online purchase soap factory

          Just like the dish block, the solid dish soap is a great way to clean dishes, silverware and surfaces. It foams really nicely and has a pleasant fir a lemon fragrance. The solid dish soap is 100% recyclable and comes in a reusable mason jar that you can use for whatever you fancy. 


            3. Organic Beeswax Food Wraps

              packaging wax of aibelle bee wrap Le Jardin de Julie solid dish soap hand wash handmade Quebec online store purchase Quebec ecological zero waste

              photo credit Bfactory

              Beeswax wraps are the perfect replacement for plastic wrap, keeping food and leftovers fresh. They are universal and fit around all shaped dishes, and come in a variety of sizes. The beeswax coating hardens when in the fridge but returns to its original shape after use. Easy to clean, simply wash under cold or lukewarm water and dry.


                4. Opt for Natural Brushes

                  Le Jardin de Julie solid dishwashing sponge brush hand wash handmade Quebec online store buying Quebec ecological zero waste

                  Stop buying disposable plastic brushes. Instead, opt for brushes made from natural materials and fibers, that have replaceable heads or can be composted. These brushes are ideal for cleaning dishes and scrubbing vegetables or your nails. Made of natural materials such as coconut fibers, loofah and beech wood, they will last longer than a large surface disposable sponge. Unlike disposable options, these natural brushes do not release microplastics into the water, so not only are you doing your bit to recycle and compost, your helping marine environments thrive.

                    5. Reusable Mason Jar Lids

                      ilids reusable drink lid travel coffee transport mason jar soap factory rimouski zero waste shop responsible online shopping le jardin de julie bic rimouski quebec

                      Whether you're craving a pumpkin spice latte, chai tea or an iced drink, with our reusable mason jar lids, you can take your drink on the go with you! Take your freshly prepared drink to the office, to friends, or in the car to pick up the children after school. It's a must-have for use in the kitchen or on the go! Also a great way to store maple syrup in the fridge!