Spearmint Solid Toothpaste - Fresh

Classic fresh and intense spearmint flavour. With 25% xylitol, this natural, fluoride-free solid toothpaste protects against cavities even between brushing.

Compact and light, it’s ideal for taking camping, hiking, travelling etc. Stable in hot and cold temperatures, you no longer have to worry about toothpaste tubes exploding in your bag from pressure or freezing.



*Xylitol is a 'tooth-friendly' sugar derived from non-GMO birch and/or corn.

One solid toothpaste = 3-5 tubes of toothpaste!

Why not pair with a natural maple toothbrush for a zero-waste dental hygiene routine?

Infinitely recyclable container.

Made in Le Bic, Quebec, Canada.

38g | 1.34oz


Directions: Rub wet toothbrush on the toothpaste to make a light foam. Brush your teeth, rinse and smile!

Storage: Ideally let the toothpaste dry before closing the lid.

Good to know: Solid toothpaste does not contain water, you only need a teeny tiny amount for brushing, but it’s no less effective than a conventional tube of toothpaste!

Solid toothpaste is the zero-waste product par excellence, helping to combat pollution caused by traditional non-recyclable tubes. Solid toothpaste has existed for several here in the form of loose powder but this compacted form is relatively new.

Can several members of the same family use the same toothpaste?

You only pass your toothbrush over the toothpaste once before brushing, and toothpaste is antibacterial and much more hygienic than conventional toothpaste tubes, so there is no reason why the whole family couldn’t use the same one. However, if someone is sick, the basic rules of hygiene apply as they would with any other hygiene product – don’t share and separate brushes so that they are not touching. If you prefer, you could buy one toothpaste per person and label it so everyone knows which is theirs.

Key ingredients: calcium carbonate and clay (cleans and polishes), xylitol (protects against tooth decay), coconut oil, spearmint essential oil (freshness effect and pleasant flavour).

You can find the list of ingredients in international cosmetic nomenclature (INCI) on the packaging of all our products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Édouard D.S.
Top !

Très bon produit !

Personnellement, j'ai testé pas mal de marques de dentifrices solides et j'ai eu deux gros coups de coeur : Un pour celui de chez Le Jardin de Julie qui est vraiment top et un deuxième pour celui de la marque Oceansrespect est également excellent : www.oceansrespect.com/products/dentifrice-solide-en-pastilles-a-croquer-saveur-menthe

Bref, je suis très satisfaite de ce produit que j'utilise désormais avec toute ma famille. ;)

Merci à vous et belle journée,


Paméla Roy

Dentifrice solide Menthe Verte - Fraîcheur

Adela Barbaros

Wonderful quality. After using it, I promised myself to use only the handmade toothpaste.
Thank you to " Le Jardin de Julie'' team, thank you for your creativity...

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