Ferme Eugénia Earthworm Castings - **Pick Up Only**

A must-have for healthy, fast-growing plants. Ferme Eugénia's earthworm castings are a healthy, 100% natural, high-performance organic fertilizer.

  • Fertilizer
  • Active Bio-organic
  • Odourless

5 L

N:2 | P: 0.7 | K: 0.7


High-performance organic fertilizer!

Earthworm castings from Ferme Eugénia are a healthy, 100% natural product, high-performance organic fertilizer. With notably high absorbable nitrogen, trace-elements and organic matter, as well as, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen is a key nutrient for plant growth. Absorbable nitrogen can be taken on through  the roots and is particularly suited for seed starting (indoors and outdoors). Eugénia's earthworm castings' high content of absorbable nitrogen helps leaves and stems grow quickly, without any risk of burning the roots. Trace-elements are essential to human, animal and plant life and health. They constitute 1% or less of a plant's dry matter, but their presence often determines the vitality and quality of the plant's life. Earthworm castings from Ferme Eugénia are very rich in various trace-elements. This diversity helps create an essential equilibrium for your plants' health. Organic matter releases carbonic acid which acts to break up the minerals in the soil, making them more absorbable to plants. There is less phosphorus and potassium in earthworm castings than nitrogen, but they are in a highly absorbable form, which is why we recommend using earthworm castings in moderation by mixing with other ingredients.

A source of life for your garden and you!

Earthworm castings are much more than just a fertilizer. They add life to your soil because they contain a high concentration of beneficial micro-organisms. In order to digest the organic matter that earthworms feed on, they take in large quantities of these beneficial micro-organisms. Introduced into the soil through earthworm castings, micro-organisms continue to live and reproduce when conditions are favourable. In organic farming, these miniscule "allies" have the ability to take the nourishment present in the soil, whether mineral or organic, and to digest, restructure and make it absorbable to plants. The high nitrogen content of earthworm castings contributes strongly to the development of these micro-organisms. Moreover, earthworm castings are always free of pathogenic bacteria. Using earthworm castings in your garden is propagating the culture of beneficial microorganisms that work for your plants and therefore for you! In addition to nourishing your plants, garden and lawn, earthworm castings enrich the soil.

The best that nature can offer your plants, garden and lawn!

Ferme Eugénia has been using the same process since 1991 to provide gardeners with 100% earthworm castings. Their product is characterized by its high content of soil enriching micro-organisms and easily absorbable minerals. Ferme Eugénia's earthworm castings are packaged in a sack that allows the entry of oxygen so as to preserve its bioactive agents.

Directions for use:

1 part Earthworm castings Nutriment
½ part Vermiculite Aeration
1 part Peat moss Humidity
1 part Sand or black soil Texture

Thinning out and repotting houseplants:

Mix 1 part earthworm castings and 3 parts commercial soil or Eugénia soil mix (above). Repot plants in pots that correspond to their needs and water generously.

Sowing seeds and transplanting to the garden:

  1. To sow seeds, make furrows and deposit seeds. Sprinkle with earthworm castings. Cover with soil as recommended on the package and water generously.
  2. To transplant, dig the hole and deposit a handful of castings. Position the plant and using garden soil press firmly in place, then water generously.
  3. Surface fertilization : Sprinkle earthworm castings around the plant or shrub staying within the circumference of its branches.
  4. Midsummer or during heatwave : Sprinkle earthworm castings along the rows and around the plants, then water generously. Earthworm castings help fight the harmful effects of drought.
  5. Fertilization of houseplants : Add 1/4 in. (0.5 cm) castings to the pot's soil surface. Delicately penetrate the soil's first few centimeters (about an inch) with a fork and then water. Repeat as needed in 60 days.

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