Garden recipe - Sea salt with garden herbs

Autumn is the ideal time to prepare this sea salt with herbs from the garden.

We can put anything in it, according to our desires, what remains in our garden, the tops of vegetables etc... Enough to enhance freshness as if by magic all your dishes during the winter. Since this condiment is made up of 40% vegetables and herbs, it helps to reduce the salt level in our recipes.

Here I share with you my salt/herbs ratio and the herbs I use most often as well as the process of making them. Coriander gone to seed, dill in flower, carrot leaves, beets and onions, carrots, garlic, pretty much anything!

Everyone loves this magical little condiment called ''Mom's salt'' or ''Garden salt''.

Hoping that you will love him as much and that he will earn a little name of his own in your household. ♥

Vegetable and with love,

Julie Ross

Founder of Le Jardin de Julie

Bic, Quebec

herbamare salt garden leftovers recipe