Garden recipe - Wild vinegar lemonade, lemon & maple syrup

Snub November's gloom with our lemonade recipe that you can enjoy chilled after your sports session or warm, in a slipper near the wood stove.

Belonging to the Anacardiaceae family, Virginia sumac Sumac typhina is a shrub whose leaves are deciduous and very long. This plant is native to North America.

The fruits of the staghorn are edible, First Nations people have always eaten them. They taste vinegary and lemony.

Sumac is antimicrobial and contains a lot of vitamin C. This is one of the reasons that sumac is also used to relieve sore throats. Like many wild medicinal and edible plants, sumac also has antioxidant properties. Attention, it is necessary to consume only the fruits, the other parts of the plant being toxic.

Do not hesitate to send us photos of your production, hoping that this little recipe will give you energy for this end of autumn!