Tips for successful sowing

To each his own speed

Did you know that it is quite normal that seeds do not all take the same time to germinate. For example, the 42 day tomato will often germinate 7 days before the Gardener's Choice, Olga Todorova or Oscar Gonthier, even if sown at the same time. And sometimes, even for seeds of the same variety, they can have a lag of up to 7 days between the first emergence and the last. Tomato seeds usually germinate with the right temperature in about a week, parsley 2 weeks, ground cherries 4 weeks...

Temperature, a major issue

For the germination period, it is important to maintain a moist soil (not soggy / risk of seed rot) AND an ambient temperature of more than 22°C. If your seedlings are on a window sill, your house is at 20°C (therefore colder at the edge of the window when cloudy) and 17°C at night, this is enough to greatly affect the germination potential of seeds.

The water. Just enough.

Water: Unless you're shopping for royal tendonitis, drop the ''Pouch-Pouch'' bottle! This 'technique' generally moistens only the surface. As a result, the seeds will not germinate or will take much longer than expected. We opt for a 'fine-delicate' jet but which allows you to water deeply, I like the empty bicycle, honey or ketchup bottle.

We 'kick out' the transparent lid, the bag and the ''saran-wrap'', unless you are a pro in adjusting the humidity by varying the opening as needed each day, the humidity cannot regularize quickly, if you overwater it will rot.

The soil

Potting soil, soil that is too heavy or too rich for starting seedlings can be harmful, just as a soil that is almost sterile and devoid of nutrients is just as harmful such as 'peat pucks' or a mixture that is too sandy can. be.

How deep to sow? It's simple.

Do not forget to respect the depth of sowing: 2X the diameter of the seed. If a seed is 1mm, it must be sown 2mm deep. If the seed is too deep, the seed will germinate but the stem will not reach the surface.


When it's germinated, we offer light to our little plants. Ideally 14-16hrs of light per day. If it is early spring, provide artificial lighting for seedlings and keep it about 3 inches from the plants to avoid etiolation.

When are we watering?

Once the seeds have germinated, the soil is allowed to dry out between waterings. The temperature can drop to 20°C during the day and colder at night.

When do we transplant / transplant / put in a bigger pot?

About 4-6 weeks after germination, transplant into richer 'growing' soil or add a little liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water.

How do we do ?

Tomato, cucumber or squash plants are planted under the base of the first leaves to encourage the growth of new roots that will help strengthen the plant. Other types of plants, flowers, herbs for example, are simply replanted in a larger pot without necessarily burying them deeper.

Do we have to pull leaves?

Would you like to start in life and get a piece of it ripped off? Surely not. It would surely harm your development.

See our article on acclimatizing your plants outdoors and planting in the garden.

Happy sowing!