Sowing calendar

To help you with your gardening planning, you can consult Le Jardin de Julie's ''sowing calendar''. It is a calendar designed over the course of my observations and tests from season to season.

If you are in a warmer climate zone, eg. Quebec or Montreal or zone 5, you can advance the exterior and interior work by one to three weeks. If you are in a colder climate zone, eg. Sept-îles or zone 3, you keep the same times for indoor sowing, even that you can advance by a week, but delay the outdoor work by at least a week.

Since every spring is different, this calendar is intended as a guide in addition to a good observation of nighttime temperatures, soil conditions and weather. It is better to delay sowing than to sow in too cold and soggy soil…

Download/print the Le jardin de Julie sowing calendar

Happy sowing!

Julie, Founder

Artisanal seed company since 2009