Caring for the sensitive skin of children's hands ♥

It was following a message from one of you that we decided to write this blog post, dedicated to children's hands.

With winter, frequent washing and the use of various hydroalcoholic gels, the sensitive skin of our children is put to the test.

We are certainly many parents to notice problems of irritation or dryness on the hands of our little ones.

Here we offer a little routine that can help soothe the sensitive skin of your children's hands and relieve dryness.

What we do here is wash our hands with a mild, fragrance-free, cold-saponified soap when we're at home. Our Tout Doux soap or our oatmeal, chamomile and calendula based soap are the ones we use every day.

You can add, after washing, a few drops of calendula oil on the hands and wrists to deeply nourish the skin. Our little bottle fits easily into a school backpack.

We have reintroduced our eco-friendly Popotin Balm on the online store, which is not just for little babies' butt!

This super hydrating balm soothes stubborn skin and areas of dryness. You can apply a good layer of this balm to your child's hands in the evening before going to bed and when you get up.

This little routine allows you to "go through the week", we continue during the weekend and Sunday is all fine... Ready to start again on Monday... Of course, to help yourself even more, it is also important to avoid all products with perfumes, fragrances (irritants) and petroleum jelly (drying).

Particular attention can be paid to the composition of the hydro-alcoholic gel used. A gel free of Benzalkonium Chloride , Triclosan and without dyes is less aggressive for the skin, especially that of children. The gel that we have chosen to distribute on our online store is also fragrance-free, without essential oils, therefore ideal for the skin of young children.

Benzalkonium Chloride is irritating and many gels contain it. There's also methylisothiazolinone, found in many liquid hand soaps that can cause mild redness on the hands, to eczematous reactions, cracking or oozing blisters in the most reactive people.

You can find an article from Radio Canada about this little-known yet fairly common fact.

We are not offering a miracle solution here, but small daily attentions that can make a difference on children's skin. The holiday period will be an opportunity for our children's little hands to rest a little from the 15 daily disinfection with alcoholic gels and to be able to wash their hands only with soap and water for their greatest good. .

We wish you all happy holidays, a little different, but very restful and healthy! ♥