Natural soaps that baby's skin will love

You may not have known it, but my activity as a professional soap maker began when I was looking to create a very soft natural soap adapted to my baby's skin.

I tried to create a soap for babies, which would respect their sensitive skin while moisturizing it.

It is in this spirit that I created two super soft soaps, suitable for sensitive skin, but also for skin suffering from dryness.

Soft Soap : Specially designed for sensitive skin, this soap contains two ingredients that give it moisturizing power; calendula and oats.

The calendula flower is recognized for its medicinal properties. It is very often used in treatments for its healing and moisturizing action on the skin. This plant has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is beneficial for eczema. It's one of the ingredients I used in the Tout Doux soap, and you can also find its benefits in Calendula oil.

Oats , meanwhile, provide many benefits to the skin, but not only! Used for the hair or on the skin, oats provide hydration and suppleness. I used organic oats in this soap to leave baby's skin moisturized and soft.

very gentle moisturizing soap sensitive skin baby skin calendula savonnerie de rimouski artisanal soap québec

Baby Carrot soap : This natural solid soap, ideal for baby's delicate skin, is made from carrot juice and puree that I concoct myself, often from garden carrots in season. Carrot is a powerful antioxidant and takes care of the skin, improving its condition while promoting healing.

The soothing virtues of chamomile are also present in this soap. Made from dried chamomile flowers, the chamomile powder added to the soap gives it lovely soothing properties, ideal for the sensitive skin of young and old alike.

calendula soothing moisturizing soap savonnerie de rimouski sensitive skin baby skin natural soap québec artisanal soap factory

Whether you have sensitive skin or are looking for a gentle soap to clean baby, these two soaps are ideal for everyone in the family.

Julie Ross

Founder of Le jardin de Julie

Bic, Quebec