A beer soap you say?

You read correctly. Beer may be well known to some or some of you for a happy hour with friends, or during a short tour of our beautiful micro-breweries in Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie, but it's is also a valuable ingredient in saponification.

Did you know that it also has properties that are very interesting to use in soap making?

In saponification, it brings softness and smoothness and leaves your skin soft, fresh and hydrated.

Beer, integrated into a soap, gives this foaming and creamy side, which is why we use it in our shaving soap . The texture of the soap, very foaming and moisturizing, allows the razor blade to glide without attacking the skin and leaving it with a very soft finish.

beer shaving soap

Beer is rich in mineral salts, and their benefits are found in soap.

Indeed, beer contains, for example, potassium, vitamin B and therefore has great moisturizing properties. It is also very rich in antioxidants - contained in hops and malt - which will soothe razor-irritated skin. It also contains a lot of proteins and sugars, which give it this foaming action, this soft texture perfect for a shaving soap in the shower.

Don't worry, you won't feel the ''morning after day'' by lathering yourself with this soap. Add to that essential oil of eucalyptus and mint for a fresh and woody smell, as well as clay to soothe sensitive skin… You get a perfect cocktail, to be lathered without moderation!

Julie Ross

Founder of Le jardin de Julie

Bic, Quebec

beer shaving soap