Make the transition from chemical to natural with the Hair 'Detox'

Are you into 'traditional' shampoos and want to make the transition to natural solid shampoo without sulfates?

Going from a hair routine with natural superstore products can sometimes be surprising. It is quite possible that during the first natural shampoos, you find that your hair has a strange effect... It's normal!

The 'chemicals' of your hair products may contain several agents such as silicones, which coat the hair to smooth the hair and give it a shiny appearance. By switching to a natural routine, it is necessary to get rid of this layer of silicone to allow natural products to penetrate the hair and give them all their benefits. So, 2-3 shampoos are sometimes necessary to find your natural hair. You can simply shampoo a day for 2-3 days with our solid shampoo or try this quick 'hair detox' recipe:

Get rid of all the products accumulated on your hair with a product accessible to everyone: baking soda.

By using the solid shampoo, you will have a hard time adding the baking soda. You can then prepare a paste by mixing 10g of baking soda in 30g of water. The paste should not be too liquid, but apply easily to the hair. Gently massage your hair with this mixture then rinse. Do not shampoo directly afterwards, it is not necessary.

It is important to apply your favorite natural moisturizing mask afterwards, you can absolutely use our vegan solid conditioner to deeply nourish your hair and continue your shampoo routine with our natural herbal solid shampoos full of benefits.


This little 'hair detox' will allow the hair to take full advantage of all the advantages of the natural products contained in our solid shampoos, handmade here in Quebec...

On our side, we carried out this hair detox on our natural uncolored hair. If you want to learn even more about the subject and discover new tips for taking care of your hair naturally, we advise you to consult the Instagram pages of @ninaturelle and @labelleboucle